about Elana Sonnenberg - Change Leader

 Elana Sonnenberg

Elana holds a Masters in Industrial Psychology with over 23 years of experience in the fields of communication, change management, organisation development and transformation.  She is an astute visionary, planner and presenter, with a realist approach in capitalizing on available resources to get the work done.  Her practical style and intuitive ability to harness ideas and people into necessary structure and organization makes her highly skilled in strategic intervention and adaptability.  Her talent to drive organizational effectiveness through leadership and culture programs through grounded methodology, makes her an accomplished architect in design programs. 

Her current focus is on the application of her methodology which allows for the containment of leadership from a place of authenticity and congruence. The Alchemical Model© was developed from and through her experience of the last 15 years and maps the journey of transformation through the lens of self-realization, a metaphor for organisational transformation.