Capability and leadership development programmes eg, Values based leadership


The talent leak that is experienced as high-turnover and unpredictable talent losses in corporations could be seen to be one of the measures of the amount of self-empowerment and individualism in action.  It could be seen to be a feedback mechanism about the prevailing culture, levels of engagement and overall satisfaction that employees experience at any given time.  Leadership plays a catalytic role in the experience of satisfaction and overall happiness of employees in organisations and has a direct and immediate effect on the engagement levels of employees. The role of the leader is therefore pivotal for the success of any business.

The challenge is to find authentic congruence between the shared values of the organisation and the individual with an understanding that a healthy ongoing relationship is only possible when that congruence is maintained between the key role-players ie the leaders, the employees and the purpose and vision of the organisation. From that place it is possible to move forward with strategies of change as people will be connected to the organisational vision or goal from a place of power. Values based leadership programmes is one of the ways to nurture this congruence and to build a strong, resilient organisational culture and personality.