transformative interventions

Every organisation needs a war strategy to move through the chaos and change that is required to take it to a higher level of functioning - closer to the realization of its vision and fulfilment of its ultimate purpose. People need to resonate with their personal values, the values of the organisation and feel empowered and safe to move at the pace of the change that is required.

Organisations tend generally to have ‘mono-cultures’ where there is not much space for ‘too much individualism’ and a healthy degree of willingness to morph with the culture/personality of the organisation is required for success in one’s job or career. Generally this type of organisational culture requires of people to conform to a certain set of rules and policies and a ‘way of doing things around here’.  In fact organisations probably spend more and more energy and attention ensuring a good match between prospective employees and the organisation’s culture and personality.

The challenging question around the issue of retention of talent becomes interesting viewed through the lens of culture and hence business needs to ask itself whether it wants to continue nurturing this culture, or create a different type of tribe based on other and differing values, measurements and measurement systems which could make it more attractive to more people.

Transformation can take place from any place within a framework of clear intent and positive decisions and actions. The Alchemical Model© offers a clear perspective on the various critical moments, turning point choices, break-out points and resistances in steering toward success.