self-realisation: the alchemy of empowerment


The treatment of the people component of an organisation remains a key strategic driver and delivers the competitive advantage of modern organisations.

Self-empowered individuals make choices that has no price tag yet organisations often think of the employment relationship in monetary terms only.  What do you offer people who are not willing to ‘sell their souls’ to a business? Is there anything to offer? If not, what type of talent are employed by big business?
What is of value to people has changed and will be changing more radically into the future. What is definitely required is a fresh methodology which addresses each employee (person) as unique and individual.  The relationship that a person has with her job- or career – is ultimately a power relationship. Power here relates to ones sense of agency and ownership. An individual who has consolidated his personal power will not be inclined to negotiate away their ownership and agency and it will determine strongly the degree to which the individual will be willing and motivated to contract with an organisation from this place.

How does a big business harness this potential? The Millennials will progressively demand conditions that allows for individuality and freedom.  New narratives around collaboration and shared ownership will need to emerge to have appeal for and engage the younger generation in the economy.  The intent to have a mutually beneficial relationship lies in understanding that the inherent requirement for both parties should be renegotiated from a place of authenticity and congruence.